Product fonts

For set designs, the fonts and styles are already set, for custom designs, we can produce almost any design you could possibly want - letters, words and logos.

Here's a range of font styles we can produce which you can refer to if placing a custom order (please note if you want something else please link in custom text box, or contact our team at - but please refer to the font number you'd like on your order form if these fonts suit your needs:

Product Details

See below for information about our signs...Each sign also has the option for backing to be trimmed in 3 ways - cut to letter, cut to shape or whole board:

You can purchase the wall hanging strips we recommend here (you will need 4 pairs per sign, so 2 packs per sign) -


Refer to the size guide images below for each size, 50cm up to 300cm options - for more help email out team at