Our mission

'is to inspire joy, creativity and aspiration for life through each unique piece'

In a nutshell

We make gorgeous, insanely high quality and affordable LED neon signs. Long lasting, durable and eco friendly - designed in the UK and shipped worldwide - let us 'create your vibe through light'...

How it all started

A 2019 trip with friends to Tokyo, Japan further inspired and confirmed a lifelong love and appreciation for the aesthetic and emotional impact of neon lighting, and the vibe that colourful lighting of all forms creates in every use case.

However, having purchased a piece online for my own bedroom use - I was disappointed to find that all affordable options offered low quality, highly fragile pieces with little to no design choice across numerous competitors. 

Based out of our London office, we created Neon Beach to answer our own questions and fix our own problems as passionate consumers of neon style lighting. We choose to use LED Neon strip instead of traditional neon glass piping, offer hundreds of set designs as a source of inspiration, ship worldwide at affordable rates and allow completely custom designs - all as a result of our smart supply chain - working with ethical, modern and innovative production facilities worldwide.

Here's why we use LED neon flex instead of traditional Neon glass piping:

- It's much longer lasting and produces a more vivid light over greater periods of time

- It costs less to produce, which means we can pass on the savings to our customers

- It's better for the environment as uses much less energy to run

- It won't break if dropped or hit for any reason, and is safe to touch as doesn't produce massive heat like traditional glass neon

We focus on producing the best products at the best prices for our amazing customers, and everything we do is focused on our ultimate mission - 'to inspire creativity, joy and aspiration through each unique piece'

Thanks so much for supporting us! If you have any questions, please contact our team at support@neonbeach.com